More about Debbie…

Debbie Buck Debbie Buck has had an interesting and varied working life. Her first career choice was banking, and she worked for several international banks in Dublin and in the Isle of Man. In 1993, feeling disillusioned by working with abstract numbers, she decided to do something more “real” and gave up her job as Assistant Manager in a large merchant bank in order to move to England and study full-time.

Armed with an Advanced Diploma in Counselling, Debbie then worked as a Counsellor, both with people in prison and in private practice. This led to her becoming Drugs Treatment Manager at a number of Her Majesty’s finest prisons between 1995 and 2002 and, ultimately, to her vocation as a complementary therapist.

Her interest in alternative forms of therapy started in 1998, when she gained her First and Second Degrees in Usui Reiki. She then qualified in Auricular Acupuncture, which was used to great effect in the prisons, both for staff and prisoners. In 1990, she was privileged to travel to New York to observe and work in the Lincoln Memorial Centre, where the NADA five-point auricular protocol was developed by Dr Michael Smith.  Perhaps the most significant learning completed by Debbie was her training for the Bowen Technique, in which she qualified in 2000. This resulted in an invitation to work in Mauritius in 2002-3, where she treated clients with Bowen in a privately-run clinic.

Since her return, Debbie has continued to consolidate her learning and understanding of the body’s workings, studying with leading bodyworkers from the UK, USA and Australia. In 2007, she was one of the first group of UK therapists to qualify in the Emmett Technique, a gentle form of muscle release, having much in common with Bowen and remarkable for the speed with which it can resolve even long-standing pains.

Debbie pictured in Mauritius

After qualifying, Debbie visited Townsville in Australia to work alongside Ross Emmett and his colleagues in his clinic, becoming the co-ordinator for all the Emmett courses in the British Isles. She continued in this role, alongside her client work, for almost 4 years, during which time she was responsible for the growth of Emmett from a virtually unknown therapy to being the therapy of choice for several hundred bodyworkers in England, Ireland and Wales. She resigned her position as the founding Director of Emmett Therapies UK Ltd in January 2012 in order to devote more energy to her own therapy practice.

Debbie works with a wide spectrum of clients, of all ages, and the majority of her treatments are a careful blend of Bowen, Emmett and Gene Dobkin’s Neural Touch. She is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and is a former Vice-Chair of the Bowen Therapists’ European Register (now known as BTPA).