Teeter HangUps Inversion Therapy

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dktherapy is an authorised agent for Teeter HangUps®, offering these top-rated tables for sale and also for use on the premises.  An inversion session can be used to reinforce the changes made during your bodywork treatment or, alternatively, can be used as a standalone treatment.

Sessions are priced as follows:

10 minute single or introductory session                                   £5.00

“Hang 7” – one week of unlimited sessions*                             £15.00

“Hang 31” – one month of unlimited sessions*                         £35.00

* Subject to Centre’s opening hours

So why invert?

 It’s fun, it’s healthy….and it’s very good for you!   

The first thing to note is that it is not necessary to invert fully (hang completely upside down) in order to feel the benefits – anything beyond horizontal will start to reverse the effects of gravity on your body.  We find that inclining to an angle of 60 degrees will give the optimum benefit and you can feel that benefit within just a few minutes!  Watch the video below to see some of the benefits of using Teeter Inversion tables.

At dktherapy, we have a selection of the most popular Teeter HangUps for you to try, or to use on a regular basis.  Inversion therapy can be beneficial to almost everyone, though there are a few medical conditions which would require your Doctor’s advice prior to starting.