Testimonials and Case Studies

Quotes from clients:

Having tried various other therapies, I visited Debbie for Bowen treatment for a shoulder injury sustained at work. As my work involved carrying a knapsack sprayer I found that the injury prevented me carrying out that aspect of my work due to pain and weakness in the shoulder. I also had weakness in the left arm which prevented me carrying out less demanding activities in the home and garden. After four treatments over a month my shoulder and left side felt much stronger and the pain had receded. I was soon able to resume my knapsack spraying and other activities without discomfort.”
JC – March, Cambs

“dktherapy is a low stress environment where bodywork and positivity are given the highest priority and where the motivation to work stems from passion and belief. It is a pleasurable workspace to be in where the treatments that take place preserve the uniqueness of each client’s needs, ensuring no loss of individuality.
dktherapy rooms are not sterile seas of beige and grey, neither do they overwhelm you with pampering pink and lilac: rather fresh and revitalising greens and yellows greet you and encourage communication and optimism. The layout, the furniture and especially the pictures mirror the affirmative nature of Debbie and her work.
Initially, I came for treatment, now I look forward to the days I work here. My pain has indeed been unlocked and the attending stress lessened, leaving me able to offer massage again after a three year break.”
VG – Wisbech, Cambs.

“After months on painkillers, I’ve now not taken any for over a week – thanks to the treatment with you on that Friday. The pains I was having went after a few days & aches remaining were bearable and infrequent. On returning finally to work Monday 4th February, it was obvious that my work was not helping, but I survived!
If/when any major relapse may happen, I won’t bother with GP, I’ll know to come to you. I admit I was doubtful when I came to you, but I’ll recommend your treatment to anyone now. Thanks for all you did.”

Some case histories:

Back and leg pain, psoriasis: Mr. C., a gentleman in his early 60s, came with severe lower back pain, descending through both buttocks and down his left leg. After two Bowen treatments, he reported that the pain was virtually gone and that he only had difficulty in his right leg whilst climbing stairs. One move from the Emmett Technique freed the leg and he was once more able to climb the stairs freely. He also remarked that he had had a long-standing problem with psoriasis but, following the treatments, this had disappeared spontaneously.

Sciatica: Ms. S., a lady in her 40’s, had severe sciatic-type pain in her left leg and was limping badly. She had one treatment, after which there was a noticeable difference in her gait. Ms. S. subsequently reported that the pain had disappeared and she was feeling “straight” for the first time in several years.

Migraines and Travel Sickness: Mrs. C. read an article in the local press and made an appointment to see if a treatment could help her constant migraines, which were frequent and debilitating. When I saw her again after almost 4 months, she reported that she had not had a single migraine since the treatment. However, her greatest delight was that her chronic travel sickness, which had made even short car trips a nightmare, had completely disappeared as well. Mrs. C. said that “never, in my 60 years, have I been able to enjoy a journey and now I can.”

Breathing difficulties, leg pain: Childhood illness had left Mr. G with a short leg which was prone to “drop” and cause trips and falls, as well as back pain. He was unable to breathe through his nose and suffered shortness of breath. He was delighted with his treatment, as he is now able to breathe through his nose again and all of his other symptoms lessened considerably . Mr G. intends to have regular follow-up treatments.

Infant colic: E’s mother brought her in aged 2 months, as she had suffered from colic since birth, causing her wind and discomfort. After the first treatment, her mother reported that she was crying less, sleeping better and had only had a few colicky episodes. One further 5 minute treatment cleared the problem up entirely.

Elbow and knee: Mr. B. is a keen gym user and likes to work out with weights. He had a sharp pain in his right elbow, which affected his weight training, and also in his right knee and hip. I released all of his right side during the first treatment and he was able to return to the gym. I saw Mr. B. for a second time some 3 months later, as he was experiencing similar problems on the left side. These were resolved after the second treatment.